Gloco Choc Slimming Booster

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Product Information

Gloco Choc is an additional supplement for weight loss without a strict diet and exercise.

Gloco Choc is a CHOCOLATE flavored TABLET. These tablets are able to increase the body's metabolism, can flatten the stomach and can help us to maintain nutrition while providing energy. - ADVANTAGES OF GLOCO CHOC With just 1 tablet, Gloco Choc can help you to:

1. Burn fat 10 times more than usual

2. Reduce appetite/stomach always feel full.

3. Increase the body's metabolic rate

4. Stop the formation of new fat

5. No need to exercise and level of hunger

6. Flatten your stomach and give energy throughout the day Suitable for women & men. Contents = A box contains 2 bottles. A bottle contains 30 chocolate tablets Lasts = Up to 2 months

Method of use:-

1. Take one and chew until crushed.

2. Can take 1 pill or 2 pills a day every morning, an hour before breakfast.

Not Suitable For:

1) Pregnant mothers

2) Breastfeeding mothers (babies aged 3 months and below).

3) Adolescents under 15 years old

Contents of Gloco Choc Konjac, Fish Collagen, Fibersol, L-Carnitine, Sucrose, Maldodextrin, Acacia Gum, Starch and Magnesium Stearate

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